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Front Axle Repair | Central Mississippi

Do you need a front axle repair in Central Mississippi? We specialize in mobile repair services, so when you call us you’re getting the best axle doctor around. If your front axle is having problems, you may be thinking of a front axle replacement, but most commonly your front axle repair is a matter of a loose kingpin. We can quickly and safely fix worn steer axle eyes faster with Axle Doctors’ sleeving system.

Front Axle Repair | Axle Doctors Sleeving System

Front Axle Repair | Steering Axle - KingpinLoose kingpins are usually caused by routine wear of the steering axle eye. Within hours, we will bore and sleeve the steering axle on the truck to get you back on the road because waiting days for your front axle repairs just won’t do. We want your truck fit to report back to work in hours instead of days.

Axle Surgeons of Central Mississippi sleeves are precision-machined from seamless aircraft steel tubing for strength. Thinner than typical machine shop sleeves, our special Axle Doctors sleeves require less boring of the steer axle eye. This keeps more of the original axle intact.

Our patented sleeving system is designed for accuracy of boring angle, centering and size. The process restores your original inclination angle, which helps to reduce tire wear. Remachining the worn thrust bearing surface restores the original spec. An improperly bored axle will increase your alignment costs.

Front Axle Repair | Loose Kingpins and Knuckle Eyes

Front Axle Repair | Steer SpindleMost commonly, the problem with your loose kingpin is the knuckle eyes. If your kingpin is loose, it can cause steering difficulties and excess tire wear that can increase your operating cost. Too often, the traditional rebuilt kingpin lasts only half as long. When a technician rebuilds your kingpin, he should also examine the knuckle eyes for wear.

Only replacing the kingpin set overlooks worn knuckle eyes that give the kingpin just enough play to erode the holes faster than normal. Our trained Axle Doctor specialists can in-line bore and sleeve knuckle holes for a precise fit and bring new life to your kingpin set.

In addition to treating kingpins and knuckles, we replace damaged drive and trailer spindles as well as spider plates on vehicles ¾ ton and up. Axle Doctors replacement techniques are safer, more durable, than old-fashioned patches or repairs. Only our trained Axle Doctors are authorized to use our new, more effective and fully patented process and products.